Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thor: Lord of Storms APK Download

When it comes to Norse Gods, you simply cannot beat Thor. He's a no-nonsense kind of deity with a fondness for hammers and an impressive talent for harnessing the power of electrical storms.

He'd certainly be high up on our list of fictional superbeings we'd like to invite around to our house for a spot of DIY and electrical work, put it that way.

He's also the star of a new title that combines RPG action with tower defence and even adds a twist of Plants vs Zombies. Thor: Lord of Storms places you on the role of the Thunder God himself, and tasks you with marshalling the forces of good against those of evil.

Striking out from your base on the left-hand side of the battlefield, you must repel hostile troops that flood in from the right. You can get up close and personal by guiding Thor towards his foes, but unless you call on assistance you'll find that even our muscle-bound hero can be overwhelmed if the odds are not in his favour.

Thor: Lord of Storms APK Download

Thor: Lord of Storms for Android

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