Sunday, October 13, 2013

HTC One Max’s fingerprint scanner could feature app shortcuts based on finger

Yesterday we got another good look at the rumored HTC One Max after a snap shot of the massive device landed on Instagram. We get it, the phone is essentially a larger HTC One of Note-like proportions and we’ve known this for awhile now. Other than it’s huge size, the other standout feature in the One Max is one HTC was trying to keep under wraps, it’s fingerprint scanner. We’ve seen countless leaks of this alleged fingerprint scanner and though we knew how it’d work. Simply use your finger print to secure and unlock the device with little fuss. Turns out HTC might still have a few more secrets up their sleeves.

Some purported instructional images of the HTC One Max’s fingerprint scanner have leaked online, and show some neat bonus features users will be able to take advantage of once they get their fingers on the device. Apparently the fingerprint scanner will allow users to launch specific apps according to the finger used to unlock the device. For instance you can have your index finger simply unlock the phone, while the middle finger opens up the camera app (or dials 1-800-Apple). In all seriousness, app shortcuts based on fingers sounds like a nice way to add some additional functionality to what could otherwise be considered an Apple-copycat feature.

The fingerprint scanner could also act as a trackpad, ala Blackberry devices or the short lived optical trackpad found on the T-Mobile G2. Swiping up/down/left/right could move a cursor although the images “move focus” wording has us second guessing. In any case, the One Max and it’s fingerprint scanner should make an interesting addition to HTC’s lineup. Some Android enthusiasts have voiced their displeasure with the device “only” carrying a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, and 2GB of RAM, factors the average consumer doesn’t take into consideration when shopping for their next phablet.

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