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Whale watching is endangering the humpback whales in Hawaii

The southern right whale lives in the southern hemisphere and usually arrives in Patagonia in May to breed in the warm waters. Chubut province, including the Peninsula Valdes, offer very good sites for observation. The species , which has been protected since 1935, saw its numbers increase. Its current population is unknown. The latest estimate of the International Whaling Commission was in 1997 and 7500 indicated individuals. The population must be higher today. However, in recent years, Argentines observe a decrease in populations of southern right whales just the side of the Peninsula Valdes.

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Whale watching is endangering the humpback whales in Hawaii
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The whale is very attached to his birthplace.  She returns on average every 3 years.  © Nestor Galina Flickr, cc by-nc-nd 2.0
The whale is very attached to his birthplace. She returns on average every 3 years. © Nestor Galina Flickr, cc by-nc-nd 2.0

Video: two tourists on the back of a whale

Video: two tourists on the back of a whale

While they were kayaking, father and daughter had a wonderful experience: a very close encounter with two whales. One of them went to carry the boat on his back for a few moments. An adventure immortalized on video, we invite you to watch.

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The scene takes place in the Argentine Patagonia, an area frequented by southern right whales ( Eubalanea australis ). Two tourists are filming a boat trip frequently when whales. Measuring fifteen meters for a weight exceeding 40 tonnes, whale  is a mammal the biggest on the planet. It feeds on plankton by filtering seawater with baleen. Then, after about ten minutes under water, or more, the whale must come breathe on the surface. It was on this occasion that it becomes easier to observe.

Curious by nature, whales readily approaching boats. However, experts recommend not too interact with these animals. Indeed, the leading cause of death of his cousin (right whales in the North Atlantic) is due to collisions with boats. Besides the physical hazards of careless observer if the animal feels threatened.

Serious obstacles remain in the fight against the virus

Indeed, the Ebola outbreak  is favored by a severe lack of material resources and skilled personnel. Especially as health professionals have paid a heavy price for the virus . "To date, over 60 of them lost their lives helping the sick" and says Margaret Chan, who launched during this same meeting, a plan of $ 100 million to intensify the fight. About her twitter , Gregory Härtl, spokesman of WHO, stated that same Friday that the full amount, "30 million had already met" .

Ebola seen by electron microscopy.  This parasite & nbsp; transmits a deadly disease against which exist no vaccination and no cure.  © & nbsp; UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine

Serious obstacles remain in the fight against the virus

"Deep-seated beliefs and cultural practices [contact with the body during the funeral ... Ed ] is a major cause of the spread of the virus , " says Dr Chan. So much so that "in some areas, transmission chains have become invisible because people hide them". Indeed, "given the high fatality of the disease, the patients' families prefer care at home. So do not run the risk of dying in isolation, away from them " , she says.

Yet there is ample evidence that early and intensive load significantly increases the chances of survival. Moreover, it happens too often that fear and misunderstanding of people turn into anger, hostility and violence against teams involved in the fight against the disease.

"We are very worried. " Dr. William Stephen, MSF medical coordinator for Sierra Leone, confirmed that the situation alarming in Liberia and Sierra Leone, requires coordination by WHO. He hopes it will be quick and efficient. "Informing people, set up a system of access to care reference handle all the patients and keep track of all the chains of transmission. " The task proves more daunting every day, in one of the poorest countries in the world, barely out of long periods of civil war.

Ebola: For WHO, the epidemic can be controlled

Ebola: For WHO, the epidemic can be controlled

Virus Ebola hemorrhagic fever has hit 1,323 people and killed 729 so far during the largest outbreak ever recorded. These figures were provided by Dr. Margaret Chan, director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), in a speech to African leaders involved in the outbreak. Goal, boost the fight against the epidemic. To this end, it also invited the emergency committee of the WHO to meet on August 6 to estimate the risk of international spread.

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In the MSF clinic for sick Ebola Kailahun, Sierra Leone, patients are brought into the area at high risk of contamination.  © Sylvain Cherkaoui / Cosmos

"This outbreak [of Ebola hemorrhagic fever ] is by far the largest ever seen in the history of this disease that is only 40 years, " said Dr. Margaret Chan. In number of cases and deaths, but also geographical areas. "It is now spreading faster than our efforts to control it , she concedes. If this diffusion continues, the consequences could be catastrophic number of lives lost as well as in socio-economic.

However, "it is possible to control outbreaks of Ebola" , she says. Especially since it is not a contagious virus by air: direct contact with body fluids of a patient is required to catch it. This is why quarantine measures and monitoring people contacts should be effective. But faced with the failure observed, the director of the WHO insists the importance of "meeting [which] must mark a turning point in the fight against the disease"

The epidemic of Ebola threat throughout West Africa

The epidemic of Ebola threat throughout West Africa

The World Health Organization seeks to organize the resistance against the epidemic of fever due to hemorrhagic virus Ebola, very dangerous, which is spreading in several countries in Africa. The numbers of cases and deaths are increasing relentlessly but in countries in crisis or war, the fight against the disease is difficult.

Walking robot with a biological muscle cells

A team of researchers from the University of Illinois has developed a robot biological or "biobot" made ​​from muscle cells whose movements can be controlled by electrical impulses. An important step that paves the way for the creation of biological machines for applications environmental and medical.

LHC, a new window opens with the physical Higgs boson

Without the Higgs Brout-Englert-Higgs (BEH), collisions between two W bosons lead to inconsistencies within the standard model , unless you apply the new physics. Now, a team has just to find the trace data collected in LHC by Atlas instrument. These collisions are they well involve the Higgs boson or something else? This is what needs to be checked now.

The buzz of the month: video: but where does this giant hole discovered in Siberia?  The collapse of the roof of an underground cavity or an explosion in a basement bursting gas are two possible explanations for this phenomenon.  © Konstantin Nikolaev

Whales mitigate climate change

Whales mitigate climate change

With increasing populations of cetaceans protected for several decades, the impact of whales on their environment is better understood. For scientists, they could play a role in regulating climate change.

Bigfoot: genetically, the yeti is a bear

Researchers analyzed a series of samples of animal hair attributed to the Yeti from several countries where the legend lives on. Result: once discarded fiberglass and the remains of cows, raccoons or even human beings, there are two genomes that resemble that of a polar bear ... fossil.

Connected devices in standby mode: a global mess

According to the International Energy Agency, electronic devices currently connected wasting nearly 60 billion euros per year in electricity across the planet. While this mess is about to get worse, the agency believes, in an encrypted report that manufacturers could do much better.

The grass in the ear, or the birth of a custom in chimpanzees

One day, Julie slipped a grass in his ear ... Thereafter, she regularly repeated this behavior which eventually was copied by most members of his group. By studying these chimpanzees , researchers are trying to understand how to be born a certain form of culture or tradition.

The mystery of proton spin is désépaissit

The origin of the spin of the proton is one of the great enigmas of the unresolved particle physics . Further analyzes of experiments with RHIC, the famous of collider ions heavy United States, would now play an important role for gluons . These particles, in a way the photons of the nuclear force binding quarks in a proton, could account for the moist its spin.

Stem cells: after graft failure, a nose grows back

Some behaviors promote insomnia

Why does one become brutally insomniac? Researchers at the American Academy of Medicine of sleep (AASM) identified some mistakes behavioral defense against stressful situations that increase the likelihood of short-term lead to the development of insomnia.

The immune system is challenged by our diet

The Western diet is characterized by an overabundance of calories and the presence of food, such as white sugar, saturated fat, salt, could explain some immune disorders. Worse, eating poorly, we could transmit harmful effects to our children.

Stem cells: after graft failure, a nose grows back

A transplant of stem cells from mucous nasal done to restore the nervous connection to the lower of a young paraplegic members has not only failed but also damaged his health. Gradually emerged, some semblance of a nose, in fact, caused him severe pain down his spine .

LG unveils 18-inch two screens, one flexible and one transparent

Already well advanced on flexible displays and transparent , the Korean manufacturer LG Display has unveiled two screens OLED 18-inch, one that can support a radius of curvature of 30R, the other reaching a transparency rate of 30%. He promises OLED screens HD Ultra flexible and transparent for 2017.

July: the news that should not be missed

July: the news that should not be missed

Who is the yeti? What is the latest fashion dress in chimpanzees? Where does this hole appeared in the permafrost across the world? How much does it cost to sleep mode? Do we solve completely the mystery of proton spin? These are some questions that science has tried to answer in this month of July 2014.

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Video: but where does this giant hole discovered in Siberia?

It measures 80 m in diameter, it is very deep and recent: the "giant hole" discovered by Russian scientists in northern Siberia, in the peninsula of Yamal, is surprising. Well, not that much ...

Video: a strange creature in the Gulf of Mexico

Gear submarine surprised by a curious coincidence of animal color purple, of species undetermined in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. This is a siphonophore, a curious group where a colony of highly skilled individuals form what looks like an animal but is not really one.

A supermassive black hole can empty a galaxy: the proof in pictures

In our cosmic neighborhood, the galaxy Messier 106 spiral shows impressive extensions of gas heated to millions of degrees, caused by energy jets of black hole supermassive hidden in the center of the galaxy. Is gradually emptying its essential raw materials for the formation of new stars , M106 saw a transition to a more sterile category called lenticular galaxy.

A model of the comet created from low-resolution images

Animation of the full rotation of the new shape model. The rotation axis is the real axis of rotation of the comet © Esa Rosetta Osiris MPS, UPD, Lam, LPN, SSO, Inta, UPM, DASP, Ida

A model of the comet created from low-resolution images

A "first model was created July 25, 2014 from low-resolution images obtained by the Osiris camera onboard Rosetta" between 14 and 24 July. It is this model that you could discover in our article. The images used have a resolution of a few hundred meters to a core of four kilometers in diameter.

The stereo techniques are impossible to implement these resolutions, a new technique was used, called "clinometry by mesh deformation" , reveals the researcher. Despite a very low resolution, it is already "possible to draw some lessons from the reconstructed model" .

This clearly shows the presence of two distinct entities connected by a relatively narrow contact zone. "This is the first time such a structure is observed in a comet nucleus" , he says. The Rosetta mission will study the physical and chemical properties of these two elements in order to understand the formation of the nucleus of the comet and its evolution over its successive passages near the Sun (its period orbit is about 6.5 year old).

Video: 3D reconstruction of the comet Rosetta

Video: 3D reconstruction of the comet Rosetta

The images taken by Rosetta "his" comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko, helped build a three-dimensional model, which has been refined. It will be essential to prepare for the arrival of the Philae lander, as explained astronomer Laurent Jorda, the Astrophysics Laboratory of Marseille and a member of the team responsible for the Osiris instrument Rosetta.

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Comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko seen at a distance of only 1000 km.  © Esa Rosetta Osiris MPS, UPD, Lam, LPN, SSO, Inta, UPM, DASP, Ida

A few days before its historic rendezvous with the comet / 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the spacecraft of the European Space Agency's Rosetta comes close smoothly. This Wednesday, August 6, it will not be quite in orbit around, but will follow a path which will fly together with the comet.

Meanwhile this exciting event that Futura-Sciences is sure to follow, we deliver the secrets of the three-dimensional reconstruction of the shape of the nucleus has been the subject of a previous article . This animation, created by the Laboratory of Astrophysics of Marseilles (Université Aix-Marseille) from images of the Osiris camera is anything but goodies . Indeed, Lam is responsible for the 3D reconstruction of the shape of the core design of the landing operations of Philae, which will be dropped into the comet early November 2014 Module will be necessary to "model the field of gravity around complex kernel and the local slopes on the surface of comet " , explains Laurent Jorda. These two facts can be deduced from the 3D model.