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Ebola: For WHO, the epidemic can be controlled

Ebola: For WHO, the epidemic can be controlled

Virus Ebola hemorrhagic fever has hit 1,323 people and killed 729 so far during the largest outbreak ever recorded. These figures were provided by Dr. Margaret Chan, director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), in a speech to African leaders involved in the outbreak. Goal, boost the fight against the epidemic. To this end, it also invited the emergency committee of the WHO to meet on August 6 to estimate the risk of international spread.

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In the MSF clinic for sick Ebola Kailahun, Sierra Leone, patients are brought into the area at high risk of contamination.  © Sylvain Cherkaoui / Cosmos

"This outbreak [of Ebola hemorrhagic fever ] is by far the largest ever seen in the history of this disease that is only 40 years, " said Dr. Margaret Chan. In number of cases and deaths, but also geographical areas. "It is now spreading faster than our efforts to control it , she concedes. If this diffusion continues, the consequences could be catastrophic number of lives lost as well as in socio-economic.

However, "it is possible to control outbreaks of Ebola" , she says. Especially since it is not a contagious virus by air: direct contact with body fluids of a patient is required to catch it. This is why quarantine measures and monitoring people contacts should be effective. But faced with the failure observed, the director of the WHO insists the importance of "meeting [which] must mark a turning point in the fight against the disease"

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