Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Serious obstacles remain in the fight against the virus

Indeed, the Ebola outbreak  is favored by a severe lack of material resources and skilled personnel. Especially as health professionals have paid a heavy price for the virus . "To date, over 60 of them lost their lives helping the sick" and says Margaret Chan, who launched during this same meeting, a plan of $ 100 million to intensify the fight. About her twitter , Gregory Härtl, spokesman of WHO, stated that same Friday that the full amount, "30 million had already met" .

Ebola seen by electron microscopy.  This parasite & nbsp; transmits a deadly disease against which exist no vaccination and no cure.  © & nbsp; UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine

Serious obstacles remain in the fight against the virus

"Deep-seated beliefs and cultural practices [contact with the body during the funeral ... Ed ] is a major cause of the spread of the virus , " says Dr Chan. So much so that "in some areas, transmission chains have become invisible because people hide them". Indeed, "given the high fatality of the disease, the patients' families prefer care at home. So do not run the risk of dying in isolation, away from them " , she says.

Yet there is ample evidence that early and intensive load significantly increases the chances of survival. Moreover, it happens too often that fear and misunderstanding of people turn into anger, hostility and violence against teams involved in the fight against the disease.

"We are very worried. " Dr. William Stephen, MSF medical coordinator for Sierra Leone, confirmed that the situation alarming in Liberia and Sierra Leone, requires coordination by WHO. He hopes it will be quick and efficient. "Informing people, set up a system of access to care reference handle all the patients and keep track of all the chains of transmission. " The task proves more daunting every day, in one of the poorest countries in the world, barely out of long periods of civil war.

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