Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July: the news that should not be missed

July: the news that should not be missed

Who is the yeti? What is the latest fashion dress in chimpanzees? Where does this hole appeared in the permafrost across the world? How much does it cost to sleep mode? Do we solve completely the mystery of proton spin? These are some questions that science has tried to answer in this month of July 2014.

On 04/08/2014 at 2:02 p.m.

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Video: but where does this giant hole discovered in Siberia?

It measures 80 m in diameter, it is very deep and recent: the "giant hole" discovered by Russian scientists in northern Siberia, in the peninsula of Yamal, is surprising. Well, not that much ...

Video: a strange creature in the Gulf of Mexico

Gear submarine surprised by a curious coincidence of animal color purple, of species undetermined in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. This is a siphonophore, a curious group where a colony of highly skilled individuals form what looks like an animal but is not really one.

A supermassive black hole can empty a galaxy: the proof in pictures

In our cosmic neighborhood, the galaxy Messier 106 spiral shows impressive extensions of gas heated to millions of degrees, caused by energy jets of black hole supermassive hidden in the center of the galaxy. Is gradually emptying its essential raw materials for the formation of new stars , M106 saw a transition to a more sterile category called lenticular galaxy.

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