Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stem cells: after graft failure, a nose grows back

Some behaviors promote insomnia

Why does one become brutally insomniac? Researchers at the American Academy of Medicine of sleep (AASM) identified some mistakes behavioral defense against stressful situations that increase the likelihood of short-term lead to the development of insomnia.

The immune system is challenged by our diet

The Western diet is characterized by an overabundance of calories and the presence of food, such as white sugar, saturated fat, salt, could explain some immune disorders. Worse, eating poorly, we could transmit harmful effects to our children.

Stem cells: after graft failure, a nose grows back

A transplant of stem cells from mucous nasal done to restore the nervous connection to the lower of a young paraplegic members has not only failed but also damaged his health. Gradually emerged, some semblance of a nose, in fact, caused him severe pain down his spine .

LG unveils 18-inch two screens, one flexible and one transparent

Already well advanced on flexible displays and transparent , the Korean manufacturer LG Display has unveiled two screens OLED 18-inch, one that can support a radius of curvature of 30R, the other reaching a transparency rate of 30%. He promises OLED screens HD Ultra flexible and transparent for 2017.

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