Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Video: two tourists on the back of a whale

Video: two tourists on the back of a whale

While they were kayaking, father and daughter had a wonderful experience: a very close encounter with two whales. One of them went to carry the boat on his back for a few moments. An adventure immortalized on video, we invite you to watch.

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The scene takes place in the Argentine Patagonia, an area frequented by southern right whales ( Eubalanea australis ). Two tourists are filming a boat trip frequently when whales. Measuring fifteen meters for a weight exceeding 40 tonnes, whale  is a mammal the biggest on the planet. It feeds on plankton by filtering seawater with baleen. Then, after about ten minutes under water, or more, the whale must come breathe on the surface. It was on this occasion that it becomes easier to observe.

Curious by nature, whales readily approaching boats. However, experts recommend not too interact with these animals. Indeed, the leading cause of death of his cousin (right whales in the North Atlantic) is due to collisions with boats. Besides the physical hazards of careless observer if the animal feels threatened.


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