Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Whales mitigate climate change

Whales mitigate climate change

With increasing populations of cetaceans protected for several decades, the impact of whales on their environment is better understood. For scientists, they could play a role in regulating climate change.

Bigfoot: genetically, the yeti is a bear

Researchers analyzed a series of samples of animal hair attributed to the Yeti from several countries where the legend lives on. Result: once discarded fiberglass and the remains of cows, raccoons or even human beings, there are two genomes that resemble that of a polar bear ... fossil.

Connected devices in standby mode: a global mess

According to the International Energy Agency, electronic devices currently connected wasting nearly 60 billion euros per year in electricity across the planet. While this mess is about to get worse, the agency believes, in an encrypted report that manufacturers could do much better.

The grass in the ear, or the birth of a custom in chimpanzees

One day, Julie slipped a grass in his ear ... Thereafter, she regularly repeated this behavior which eventually was copied by most members of his group. By studying these chimpanzees , researchers are trying to understand how to be born a certain form of culture or tradition.

The mystery of proton spin is désépaissit

The origin of the spin of the proton is one of the great enigmas of the unresolved particle physics . Further analyzes of experiments with RHIC, the famous of collider ions heavy United States, would now play an important role for gluons . These particles, in a way the photons of the nuclear force binding quarks in a proton, could account for the moist its spin.

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